6 Modern Libraries that will Amaze You

1. Seattle Central Library

Seattle Central Library is located at Seattle, Washington. The unique design of this library consists of several discrete “floating platforms”.  One of the listed Americans’ most favorite structures, the architects worked to make the library inviting to the public, rather than stuffy, which was found to be the popular perception of libraries as a whole.

2. Cedar Rapids Public Library

The Cedar Rapids Public Library serves the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Reestablished on May 2013, Cedar Rapids Public Library offer numerous modern services including e-books as well as traditional books, information center, technology hub, gathering place, early learning resources etc. It also organizes programs like summer reading program, adult summer reading program, story times, and play and learn to serve community purposes.

3. Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham, located at Birmingham, UK, is one of the largest public libraries of UK. The library has been recognized for its innovative design and for its positive social impact. The futuristic new building aims to bring traditional book lending into the 21st Century.

4. McAllen Public Library

The McAllen Public Library of McAllen, Texas, USA, one of the largest for a single floor library, is a source of pride for the city. There are study rooms, a children’s library, a bookstore, a computer lab, a small theater, a snack bar, and an outdoor nature walk.

5. James B. Hunt Jr. Library

James B. Hunt Jr. Library is a library of North Carolina State University and located at Raleigh, North Carolina. It is a state-of-the-art research library that provides collaborative spaces consisting new technology within a magnificant architecture. It encourrages to undertake experimentations, technology intensive projects while showcasing knowledge learned from range of scholars.

6. British Council’s Multi-Purpose Library

The British Council’s Dhaka Library offers a combination of online and offline books and other items to provide the users with a comprehensive information service. One of the most modern libraries of the country, the library provides reading rooms, computer rooms, children’s corner, food corner, etc. The multipurpose library is designed to host different types of public activities.

Library Landscape Assessment of Bangladesh

A Library Landscape Assessment of Bangladesh is the most in-depth and comprehensive study of Library and Information Services (LIS) ever undertaken in Bangladesh. The study was commissioned by the British Council, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh, BRAC and the Bengal Foundation. The Institute of Informatics and Development (IID) was contracted to carry out the research and analysis tasks of the study.

The study aims to assess the current provision of LIS in urban, semi-urban and rural areas, and will determine what can be done to radically improve the situation. This research and analysis is helping to create a comprehensive understanding of the current LIS provision in Bangladesh, mapped against needs, and identifies opportunities and challenges for implementing major changes.

To know more about the initiative, browse through this portal or visit the British Council website.





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