Do librarians matter?

As Hastings says it is more important that digital librarians possess particular personal qualities (which are innate) rather than specific technical expertise (which can be learned).

~ Kirk Hastings, Roy Tennant (1996), How to Build a Digital Librarian. D-Lib Magazine

The skills of individual librarians can be utilized in many other areas of work, such as in the emerging area of knowledge management in the public and corporate sectors. There have been many arguments on the need to de-link the professional work of librarians from their institution – i.e. librarians should not be called librarians because it is associated too tightly with their workplace and hence prevent them from getting the opportunities to demonstrate their expertise in other areas of work.

~ Fatt Cheong Choy (2007), Libraries and librarians–what next? Library management.

Library and council staff with specialist IT knowledge are critical to the success of Public Libraries.


Library professionals need some training to adopt the latest technology. Library and information science teaching and training institutions should introduce different types of training programs for unskilled library professionals. So that they can overcome their fear about digital technology and can enjoy the blessing of modern science.

~ Shariful Islam (2012), Towards digitization: problems and prospects for the libraries of Bangladesh. (Conference Paper)

The advancement of ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) has brought a lot of changes not only on the library and information services but also on the roles and expectations of the librarians and information professionals. There is a real danger that librarians and information professionals will be left behind if it still insists on the old role of the traditional librarians. Librarians and information professionals must be someone with multi-skills, multi-tasking abilities, and competent in areas of work such as management, communication, language, public relations and others.

~ Dr. Laili bin Hashim, Ms. Wan Nor Haliza Wan Mokhtar (2012), Preparing New Era Librarians and Information Professionals: Trends and Issues. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

 We need to organize awareness programmes, training programmes for librarians to handle computers and providing different types of services. To prepare our future librarians we should provide training in content generation and management. They should also be trained to act as knowledge centre managers, to handle necessary equipment. Librarians should be trained in soft skills. They should be trained to develop good relations with the target population and should try to learn and record this knowledge.

~ Ratna Bandyopadhyay and Krishnapada Majumder, (2012) Organising Traditional Knowledge for Inclusive Development: Role of Libraries. Bangladesh Journal of Library and Information Science.





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